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WAGO connection terminal, 3 conductors, 221-413 0.14-4 mm²

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Connection terminals that greatly facilitate work in practice

Owing to their extremely small dimensions, COMPACT connection terminals from WAGO are ideal for tight spaces.
Similarly impressive: The transparent housing: You can now see right away whether or not electrical contact is correctly applied to the conductors, and even whether the stripped lengths are suitable. Two easily accessible test openings, one in the direction of the conductor connection and one on the opposite side, ensure convenient test conditions even in the installed state.

The connection terminals also demonstrate impressively simplified operation: The actuation levers can now be opened and closed with noticeably less application force. Thanks to the side recessed handles, the 221 can be securely handled in any situation.

One connection terminal – all conductor types
The 2, 3 and 5-conductor terminals connect fine-wire conductors from 0.14-4 mm² and single and multi-wire conductors from 0.2-4 mm².
The terminals are therefore ideal for connecting different conductor types and cross-sections together. Tin-plated bus bars ensure permanently gas-tight and secure contacting of the conductors.
Designed for up to 32 A/450 V and for high continuous usage temperatures up to 105°C, the connection terminals facilitate operation in ambient temperatures of up to 85°C (T85) for small and large consumers. The 221 series can also be used worldwide owing to approvals including ENEC and UL.


Up to 40% less space requirement than predecessor series WAGO 222.
Transparent housing for visual control of correct conductor position and correct stripped length.
Convenient connection owing to reduced actuation forces.
Custom mixable conductor types and connection cross-sections from 0.14 -4 mm².
Two test openings for all common test tips.
Harmonized System Code 85369010
Height 8.3
Colour Transparent
Width 18.7
Weight 2.53
Depth 18.6
Number of wires 3
Max. wire cross section 4.0
Nominal current 32
Min. wire cross section 0.14
Max. ambient temperature +85
Wire-stripping length 11
Flammability Self-extinguishing in accordance with UL94 V2
Max. continuous operating temperature +105
Nominal voltage 450
Number of ladders 3