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ID 50 insulation anchor, polyethylene, PH 2 50 mm

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The specialist anchor for fixings in polystyrene and rigid foam panels

Field of Application:

For securing electrical installations, lighting, building signs, letter boxes, motion detectors etc. in polystyrene, rigid foam panels and other thermal insulation composite systems.


  • Remove an area of plaster or other surface material from the substrate in the size of the wall plug collar (see table). Screw the anchor in until flush using low torque without pre-drilling
  • All packs include a setting tool


  • Can be used outdoors or in wet rooms in conjunction with stainless steel screws
  • No need for time-consuming spaced installation in masonry.
  • Prevents cold bridging effect
  • Thermally stable from -20°C to +100°C
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid, economical mounting
Material PE - Polyethylene
Harmonized System Code 39259080
Colour White
Internal drive H2
Min. temperature resistance 100
Max. temperature resistance -20
Anchor diameter 18
Type description ID 50
Anchor length (l) 50
Required bolt diameter (metric) M4
Required wood screw diameter (d scr.wood) 4 - 5 mm
Embedding depth 50
Nominal drill diameter (d 0) - condition Do not pre-drill
Resistance against Weather
Drill hole diameter in plaster/cladding sheet metal (d) 18
Max. screw-in depth (d a) 40