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Ceramic sanding tips, cylindrical, specially fused corundum, 6 x 10 x 6 mm

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For machining steel

6-mm shank; pink corundum; hardness O; universal applications, dimensionally stable and with solid edges. For machining hardened and alloyed steels, tool steel

Field of Application:

Degree of hardness 0: Recommended circumferential speed when sanding edges 24–40 m/s and when sanding surfaces 15–25 m/s. These circumferential speeds are recommended for the indicated hardness levels.
Please observe the specified speeds on the enclosed information slips. The circumferential speeds are indicated by green diagonal lines in the diagram. The vertical line corresponding to the tool diameter crosses the diagonal circumferential speed (diagonal). From there, the rotation speeds (in rpm) of the sanding tool and machine can be read off horizontally from the left edge.


Sanding tip Ø 20 mm
recommended circumferential speed, for degree of hardness 0 = 15 – 40 m/s, see table for the rotation speeds: 14,000 – 38,000 rpm
For materials that are difficult to machine, lower circumferential speeds are recommended as this enhances the sanding properties of the sanding tip. The broad range of grain types and degrees of hardness allows all sanding work to be optimised.


ZY 0610
Length 10.0
Head diameter 6.0
Harmonized System Code 68042290
Type ZY 0610
Grid size 60