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reca SKÆRESKI. ULTRA 125X1.6X22,23

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reca SKÆRESKI. ULTRA 125X1.6X22,23

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ultra cutting disc for steel, straight, 125 x 1.6 x 22.23 mm

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The RECA ultra cutting disc for steel — the first on the market to combine an extremely long service life and maximum speed. Hard high-performance cutting disc with optimum results in steel. For cutting material such as thin sheet metal through to thick-walled pipes and profiles.


The ultra cutting disc is fired at higher temperatures to produce its long service life. This process also burns the abrasive grain onto the disc edge, resulting in a relatively slow disc cutting action on the first 2–3 cuts. However, once this edge wears down the disc cuts extremely quickly. Many competitor discs also cut well to begin with, but they often quickly break up. RECA, however, is different: The more cuts performed by the ultra, the better it gets!


Service life and speed

  • Uniform distribution of abrasive grain through circular interspersal method
  • Long-lasting, maximum performance in each phase
  • Mixture of high-quality corundum types
  • Clean, cool and ultra-rapid cuts
  • Thin, carbon-reinforced fibreglass
  • More and larger abrasive grains are machined
  • Newly developed bonding agent
  • The specially fused corundum mixture remains in the disc until it is fully worn
  • Aggressive disc properties
  • Penetrates material immediately; does not stray
  • Up to 100% longer service life than other professional cutting discs
  • Less downtime due to changing discs


  • Precise, chatter-free and burr-free cuts
  • Little reworking required
  • Conical cutting disc shape
  • Does not jam in the workpiece


  • Carbon-reinforced fibreglass taken from the field of motorsport
  • Extremely durable
  • oSa safety guidelines
  • Certified quality
  • Predetermined breaking point
  • Disc does not break
  • Rough lateral surfaces
  • Facilitates safe, clean cuts


Version Straight
Harmonized System Code 68042230
Diameter 125.0
Thickness 1.6
Type description AS 456-SX-BF-80
Bore diameter 22.23
Design Straight