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Combination drill, HSS, TiN-coated, 7 pieces

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3 tools = 1 operation; the combination drill is a top quality precision tool. The tool facilitates extremely efficient working and produces absolutely true-to-gauge threads.

Application area:

  • Use only clockwise and anti-clockwise hand-held drills;
  • Battery must be fully charged on cordless drill, support adapter must be used that allows play and thus reduces risk of breakage;
  • Tool must be able to oscillate, self-centring; when drilling core holes, appropriate pressure must be applied; push only briefly when deburring; reattach during reverse motion (anticlockwise); changes to centrifugal force properties of machine, do not twist during forward/reverse motion; machine axis must correspond to tool axis
  • Material strength must not exceed 600 N/mm²;
  • Material thickness must not exceed thread nominal diameter (e.g. M 6 max. 6 mm material thickness);
reca combination drills are suitable for:
Structural steel, CrNi steel, non-ferrous metal, plastic


1/4" drive, operate only in conjunction with support adapter article no. 0641 9


3 tools = 1 process

Drilling, thread cutting and countersinking. These three processes are now covered by a single tool. This frees up space in your tool bag for the two additional tools that you would otherwise need. This combined solution is ideal for assembly, in particular when it comes to repairing defective threads.


M 3–M 10 including support adapter 0641 9
Harmonized System Code 82074090
Bit holder 1/4 inch hexagon
Equipping M 3–M 10 including support adapter 0641 9