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RECA HM-KLINGE 305X2.4X25.4 60T

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RECA HM-KLINGE 305X2.4X25.4 60T

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Circular saw blade, carbide-tipped, 60 teeth 305 x 2.4 x 25.4 mm

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Especially suitable for table circular saws, chop saws, hand-held circular saws (Jepson, Elektra-Beckum).
Dry metal cut with high-speed saws.
Can be used for wood, metal, non-ferrous metals, plastic, composites.
Alternating tooth with bevel.
Burr-free cut.


For high-speed saws.
Always clamp the workpiece firmly when cutting metals.
reca cooling lubricant greatly increases service life.
Harmonized System Code 82023100
Diameter 305
Number of teeth 60
Max. rotation speed 7000
Min. rotation speed 1500
Rotation speed 1500
Bore diameter 25.4
Cutting edge width 2.4
Saw blade diameter 305