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Carbide-tipped hole saw 16 mm

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Stainless steel up to 2 mm, unalloyed steels up to 4 mm, plastics, PVC, aluminium, zinc, plaster and lightweight boards can be processed economically with RECA cemented carbide-tipped hole saws.
For use in hand and upright drills.
For upright drills, do not use an automatic feed.


  • Use arecal drilling and cutting oil when sawing metal
  • Do not use cutting oil for cast iron
  • Use petroleum for aluminium


  • High concentric precision due to solid construction
  • Optimised chip angle with special grinding surface ensure high cutting performance and long service life
  • Replaceable centre drill
  • A specially hardened shaft is used for diameters from 32 mm for better absorption of the high torsional forces
  • Morse taper holders can be used for diameters from 32 mm
Harmonized System Code 82075090
Diameter 16.0
Number of teeth 4
Shaft diameter 10
Cutting depth 12
Suitable for pipe external diameter 16