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MTH clamping plate, Nova Grip Z-14.4-493, C 45+N, galvanised, M10

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Field of Application:

The beam clamps are used to connect and transfer load from intersecting beams of various shapes and dimensions and to securely fasten additional steel construction components to available structures. It is also possible to connect beams that lie on top of each other if the flanges are of the same width.
Selecting suitable beam clamps depends on the steel beams used. When planning steel structures, DIN 18800-1:1990-11 (DIN EN 1090-1 from 01/07/2014) and DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - German institute for civil engineering) approval Z-14.4-483 must be taken into account with respect to the Nova Grip beam clamps. The bolts must comply with strength class 8.8 or 10.9 in accordance with EN ISO 898-1:1999 and the nuts with strength class 8 or 10 in accordance with EN 20898-2:1993.
DIN 18800-7:2002-09 (DIN EN 1090-2 from 01/07/2014) is applicable for protecting the beam clamp connection against corrosion. Use in harsh environments is permitted. However, the zinc coating on the beam clamps and spacers must not be damaged and the steel structure must be checked. At the first sign of corrosion, the protective surface layer must be completely or partially replaced. Use of beam clamp connections is permitted in structures that are predominantly subject to windy conditions or in components where vibrations may arise as a result of strong winds.

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  • Quick and easy to install
  • Flexibility on the construction site
  • Can be adjusted on-site to be able to react to unforeseen circumstances
  • No welding, no drilling, therefore can be used in "zone 0" (this is an area where a dangerous, potentially explosive atmosphere exists either constantly, for long periods or frequently as a mixture of air and flammable gases, vapours or mist).
  • No damage to surface coating when installing
  • Tested load specifications (tensile and shear loads)
  • General construction permit Z-14.4-493
Harmonized System Code 73182200
Diameter of hole 11
Grip plate height 21
Max. grip range 10
Grip plate width 32
Grip plate length 36
Proof side length 13
Bearing journal height 15
Bearing journal length 16
Min. grip range 6
Average clamped thickness 8