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arecal WELDSPRAY 400 ML (1/12)

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arecal WELDSPRAY 400 ML (1/12)

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arecal WELDSPRAY welding spray 400 ml

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arecal welding release agent is a silicone-free, water-based release agent for welding technology based on highly active water-soluble substances.

Field of Application:

"arecal Weldspray is an aqueous release agent for welding technology.
It prevents weld spatter from sticking to torch heads, workpieces and robots, and increases the torch service life considerably."

Package size:



"Clean workpieces of any residues and spray surfaces lightly and evenly along the future welding seam.
For protective gas welding, spray the nozzle and the jacket from time to time with the device switched off, so that weld spatter cannot stick.

When spraying, please also observe the following:
Protect can from weld splatter: 20 to 30 cm spraying distance.
For hollow parts and in tight spaces thoroughly ventilate after spraying; only then begin the welding process.
Only for use before welding and with sufficient ventilation.
Set spray cans down outside the welding area. Use during the welding process is prohibited for safety reasons


Silicone-free and non-flammable, easily painted over after prior cleaning


400 ml
Harmonized System Code 38109090
Contents 400
SDB URL http://www.sdbpool.de/sdbbrowser/reca/find/?t=46dd8e8e23c713
Type description arecal Weldspray can
Container Aerosol can