arecal CORROINOX 400 ML (1/15)

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arecal CORROINOX 400 ML (1/15)

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arecal CORRO INOX stainless steel spray 400 ml

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arecal Corro Inox produces a corrosion-resistant stainless steel coating with an alloy analysis of: 18% chromium, 8% nickel, 2% manganese

Field of Application:

Ideal for visually touching up weld seams in the vicinity of non-rusting materials, primarily in heating and ventilation work, steelwork and mechanical engineering, and tool and equipment production.

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This information is only a recommendation based on our experience. Users should always conduct tests before using the products. Our safety data sheets are available in the online shop on the product details page or on our home page:


Resistant to many acids and bases due to pure chromium-nickel pigment.
Can be mechanically stressed.


400 ml
Harmonized System Code 32082090
Contents 400
Type description arecal CORRO INOX spray can
Container Aerosol can